Little Tern Season 2017

2017 Counts
Peak Adult Count: 152
Number of breeding pairs: 79
Number of juveniles fledged: 8

Nest Losses
60% of nests were lost overnight on 16-17 June due to human interference and maybe to Fox predation. Only 19 nests remained by 19 June, from which the first chicks hatched on 21 June. The maximum number of broods counted was 5, and only 8 juveniles eventually fledged. The mean number of breeding pairs at Crimdon in the period 2012-2016 was 71.2, while the mean number of young fledged in the same period was 36. Hence 2017 was a disappointing season in terms of productivity if not for total numbers of pairs attempting to breed. A few nests/eggs were certainly lost to Crows and possibly to Hedgehogs, while at least one adult was predated by a Sparrowhawk.

Public Engagement
Considerable effort went into gaining the support and advocacy of local people through community beach cleans, several visitor events and a programme of beach schools during the summer holidays. The intention was to improve visitor behaviour.

Visitor Management
Much investment took place in mechanisms to channel the 440,000 visitors estimated to use Crimdon Beach every year away from the colony area by encouraging use of three formulised routes to the foreshore. This will also stimulate the recovery of dune vegetation damaged by erosion.