The Tees is one of the North Sea’s principal estuaries. With its port, industry and large population it is of major significance to the United Kingdom’s economy. It is also internationally important for its bird population and is significant for its wildlife habitats and other animals including seals.

One of the challenges in Tees Valley is balancing the needs of economic development and nature conservation. INCA actively works with the public, private and voluntary sectors and has a proven record over its 30 year existence of delivering benefits for both industry and the natural environment.

INCA is a membership organisation which operates in Tees Valley on a not for profit basis. It has over 50 members including most of the major chemical, waste, and power generation businesses in Tees Valley, regulators, conservation organisations, and local authorities.

It has a small specialist team with extensive knowledge of the natural environment of the Tees Valley. The team is drawn from backgrounds in industry, nature conservation and regulation, giving a unique blend of skills and knowledge.

INCA provides confidential advice and support to help businesses meet regulatory requirements in development and operation. It encourages and facilitates the ecological improvement of industrial and commercial land holdings. It works with developers at an early stage to ensure that developments do not have a significant adverse effect on the local environment.

Our work ranges from survey and advice on proposed developments, reports on the likely impacts on the natural environment as part of COMAH and IPPC submissions, habitat creation and land management.