On its formation in 1989 INCA’s aims were to ensure that nature conservation was adequately addressed in economic development projects and encourage the use of industrial land for nature conservation projects.

As the environment has become more regulated and INCA has become better known and trusted, its services to members have grown.

INCA services now include:

  • Legislative Compliance
    We provide assistance to our members to address ecological and environmental issues. We provide ongoing support in helping them build the natural environment into their long term Environment Management Plans
  • Development Advice and Support
    We work with developers to ensure that new developments do not have a significant adverse effect on the local environment. With our unsurpassed local knowledge our early involvement in development proposals is helpful to regulators, planning authorities and the developer as it significantly increases the likelihood that submissions such as Environment Impact Statements are right first time. Our involvement also maximises opportunities for developers to build biodiversity gains into new projects.
  • Promotion
    We help our members promote their environmental and ecological successes locally and nationally thereby raising their profile and that of the whole Tees Valley sub-region as leaders in the field of sustainable development
  • Environment Monitoring and Data
    We carry out ecological monitoring in Tees Valley including the Tees Seals programme. We maintain what is probably the most comprehensive database of species and habitats in the Tees Valley. This database underpins much of our work. Using this data we have produced State of the Natural Environment of the Tees Estuary reports.
  • Biodiversity Projects
    We carry out habitat creation projects on our members’ sites. These projects are often linked to Biodiversity Action Plans that we have produced for them. We are an Entrust Enrolled Body enabling us to deliver landfill tax funded Biodiversity Projects.
  • Facilitating Partnerships
    As an independent organisation we are well placed to facilitate partnerships to deliver initiatives such the production of the Teesmouth and Cleveland Coast European Marine Site Management Plan and the Tees Estuary Management Plan.